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Academic Core Group, Inc. TEKS Mastery Cards

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TEKS Mastery Cards
(Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills)
Display Cards for Instructional Alignment
 to TEA Mandated Skills

Benefits for Teachers
  • Insures Compliance with TEA Mandates
  • Visually Links Lesson Plans to Student Expectations
  • Assist Students Familiarity with Precise STAAR Test Verbiage & Format
  • Positive Assessment From Walkthroughs & Observation
  • Visually Insures Teacher Maximum Compliance
  • Easy Access to Re-Teach Low Performance Bench Mark Sections


  • Readiness Standards (Yellow Background & Specified Right Corner)
  • Supporting Standards (Grey Background & Specified Right Corner)
  • Reporting Categories (Additional Cards To Display & Specified Right Corner)
  • Dot Sync Collated
  • Long Lasting Storage Container
  • Oversized Cards - Readable by All Students
  • Non Tested Grades Support & Reinforce Current, Previous, or Subsequent Year

Benefits for Administrators

  • Easy Surveillance of Teacher Compliance During Observation
  • Easy Positive Assessment From Curriculum Directors, Superintendents and State Officials
  • Eliminates Reason for Standards NOT to be Posted
  • Improves Teacher Moral
  • Easy Teacher Usage, Fewer Administrative Worries
  • Emphasizes Alignment Between Subsequent Grades and Subjects

Spanish TEKS now available!
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